Time off

It’s obvious I haven’t been keeping up with this site like I should. Sorry about that It has been a crazy year so far. I’ve been doing much more Freelance, I’ve started a new side project, and I am now a father! I had a little girl in June of this year. It has been a lot of work but it’s also been an amazing experience so far! She’s been my focus this year. I honestly probably won’t get too many new posts here the rest of the year and I definitely don’t think there will be a new animation.

That said I am still checking the blog and would love to hear from anyone who has enjoyed the animations. I also still plan to finish out Abraham’s story in time. It just may be a while.

I hope to be back soon!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

The beginning of the new year is a time of reflection and preparation for me. I like to look back over the past year and figure out what I’m going to do the next year. Last year My main goals were to put on an art auction to benefit africa and to update the website and post one new animation.

I’ve continued to think about what the future of this website is and I think I am going to continue with one animation a year instead of the previous 3-4 so that I can focus on other projects. That said, I hope to continue updating the blog regularly as a source of inspiration to myself and hopefully others. I think in the next month I may go deeper into what i see for the blog. As of right now I plan to finish one more animation this year and will probably stop animating Genesis once I get to the halfway point which is Chapter 25.

This is mostly because of time and motivation. I don’t have time to dedicate to other projects that I have put on the back burner. I may talk more about those in the future but the biggest thing I want to plan for this year is My KID! This May my wife and I will have a kid and we are sooooooooooo excited. Lots of changes to come. Anyway Here’s a video I came across today that I thought was really well done and is a little late to post but I think still is somewhat appropriate.

Artists For the Nations

This month my wife and I put together a small charity event to raise money for a medical clinic in zambia. We got a bunch of our artists friends together and asked them to donate a work of art to be auctioned for charity. In the end we all raised close to $2000. This was a year long project for us but it was fun to see the artist community gather together and share for a cause.

This idea isn’t new, but I feel like i’ve seen more of it lately. Artists genuinely care for others and have a unique way to spread awareness. I’m glad I was able to be a part of this event and hope to continue with more in the future. I think there is something about appealing to everyone’s humanity that brings people together regardless of their beliefs.

With the New Year coming up soon I’ve started thinking of projects I’d like to work on. I have some thoughts that I will probably post about soon.

Christmas a Little Early

I haven’t done inspiration Monday in a long time so I figured it would be fine if I shared some inspiration with you on a friday.

I always have music on in the background as I work. and I’m always looking for new music. My library is about 25% christian bands mostly just because I struggle to find bands that I really enjoy. So when I find one that is not only good but becoming one of my favorite bands I though I should share and help spread word about them. The band is called “Sleeping at Last”. It’s pretty much one guy named Ryan O’neil. I was hooked when I listened to his album “Keep No Score”. I’ve also got a ton of respect for the Yearbook Project he just finished. It was a year long experiement to write three songs a month and put them on iTunes and now the whole 36 song album is online. I haven’t got it yet but it’s at the top of my list. He also just put out a FREE christmas album that is amazing! here is the link to check it out: http://noisetrade.com/sleepingatlast and if you like it as much as I did leave him a little donation.

Merry Christmas!

Citizen 5: Noah

Citizen 5: Noah

Noah is a kind old retired carpenter who lives at the top of the hill in a house he built. Since retiring most people tend to avoid him due to some of his odd behaviors, which have given him the reputation as the crazy neighbor. He only goes outside on clear days. He has no pets however something draws all the wild life in the area to find their way to his backyard. If a dog or cat goes missing you’ll find them at Noah’s house. He also enjoys his Wine and sometimes in the summer after drinking a few too many bottles you might him in his backyard, sunbathing in the nude. He has perfectly organized the house due to his mild case of OCD. And Everything he buys he buys in pairs. His free time is spent with his family who come over for regular board game nights. His favorite games are Battleship and Memory. He always wins those games and no matter how hard he tries to share his secrets to success no one wants to listen to him.

Citizen 4: Cain

Welcome to Genesis

Citizen 4 Cain:

Cain is a senior at the same college as his younger brother Able. He tries to limit their interactions though. Cain is a loner. He doesn’t have many friends and has a difficult time with most of his classes. Cain never has a shortage of reasons why things don’t go his way he’ll say it’s his brothers’ fault, his teacher’s hate him or because of the birthmark on his forehead, but in reality it’s because he is selfish. He expects everything to go his way and is always trying to work things out to his advantage. In his free time he has a microbrewery where he makes wheat beer but he only shares the bad batches with other people. On bad days he’ll lock himself in his room and drink his good beer while listening to 90’s Grunge music. Generally during these instances he blacks out. Everything is a bit of a haze the next day but from the state of himself and the room he’s pretty sure he gets violent and angry when he’s drunk.

SSDO Pillow Giveaway!!!

Hey Everyone! So my wife has convinced me and to open an etsy shop with my brother and we decided do screen-printing. It’s been a lot of fun creating all the designs and pillows by hand and last weekend we finally opened up the store. So in honor of the store opening and my wife getting 100 followers on her blog my wife is hosting a giveaway. You have a chance to win a Special SSDO pillow that I won’t ever be selling ANYWHERE. There are a few ways to enter but one is to follow SSDO blog through the box to the right. Please take a minute and follow this blog and then head over to my wife’s blog for the other ways you could enter! And check out my new Etsy store while you are at it. Thanks! Brandon

The Rules:

My Etsy Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ToddAh

Citizen 3: Abel

Welcome to Genesis

Citizen 3: Abel

Abel is a college sophomore. He’s about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s always eager to lend a helping hand or solve a problem and that makes him well liked by most people. He’s so nice in fact that it can sometimes come across as being un-genuine, but he is just naturally happy and is almost unable see the bad in people or situations. If Abel had an enemy he’d be the last one to realize it. Where you find Abel you’ll almost always see a kitten, puppy or some other adorable animal close by. He loves animals and is currently getting a degree to become a veterinary. School comes easily to Abel. He seems to get through life without having to put forth much effort and reap huge rewards. Even his professors will openly say that he is their favorite student.

Citizen 2: Eve

Welcome to Genesis

Citizen 2: Eve

Eve is the head cheerleader of Genesis high. She is dating the quarterback, Adam. Eve is your stereotypical cheerleader: popular, attractive, and spoiled. Despite that though she is polite, friendly and personable to all her classmates and is a shoe-in for homecoming queen. She isn’t that bright, but her looks, personality and her family’s wealth seem to more than make up for that flaw. Eve is the heiress of the local orange juice empire. Anything she wants she gets (with the one exception of apple juice). Unfortunately that makes her a bit naïve to the way the rest of the world works. She is used to getting everything she asks for and doesn’t understand how something could be unavailable to her. In fact that is probably why she has at least one of every animal from the pet shop. Well, almost every animal. The only animals she has no interest in are the snakes.

Citizen 1: Adam

Welcome to Genesis
I’m pleased to introduce you to the first citizen of Genesis:


Adam is the star quarterback for Genesis’ new high school. Adam is very popular and an all around good guy. Within moments of meeting him he’ll come up with a nickname to give you, which will stick for the rest of your time at Genesis High. He takes pride in being the first of many things. He’s the first quarterback for the school’s first football team, the first to set national records, and he’s on track to be the school’s first valedictorian of it’s first graduating class. The word is his right now and his potential seems limitless. Everything comes easy for Adam, but his weakness is his fear of disappointing people… especially his girlfriend. It’s that fear that sometimes get’s him into trouble and may be the one thing getting in his way of reaching his full potential.