Welcome To Genesis

Welcome to Genesis
So since I’ve been slowing down on my animations I’ve struggled to figure out what to blog about. Inspiration has been running low for the last couple months. But last week I came across a file on my computer that I started and never finished and I think it will make some good blog entries. Here’s the idea:

Welcome To Genesis:
Over the years of animating Genesis I’ve gotten to know it’s characters in a new light. It’s their personalities that I’m drawn to, their qualities and flaws that I can relate to and try to portray in the animations. I’m not a historian or theologian so their surroundings and historical relevance are foreign to me, but take that away and you start to recognize the people in these stories. So I’m going to introduce you to the characters I’ve met who all happen to live in the modern day neighborhood of Genesis. Each post will be dedicated to a separate citizen of Genesis and will be based of their biblical counterpart.

If you are confused hopefully the next couple posts will clear things up. I’m hoping this will be fun and make people see the characters in a new light. I tend to loose interest in things pretty fast if it becomes stagnant, but taking something old and making it fresh and new re awakes my interest and gives me new appreciation for how it originated.

Keep an eye open and Adam should be posted soon.

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