I’ve been working on the script for Gen. 19 off and on these past few weeks. Sodom and Gomorrah is one of those stories most people know about. It’s the type of story that made me want to do the site in the first place. The type that everyone thinks they know about, but the more research you do on it the tougher it is to really figure out.

I like to try and understand the characters and motives and background before writing a script. I think it helps to give them a little more humanity. This story has SOOOOOOO many variables though that I don’t know how to make them all work together fluidly. I love this challenge and it is why I started the process to begin with.

I’m rediscovering this story and finding MUCH more meaning in it then I expected and realizing some of what I originally thought may have been wrong. I mean everything from the Reason for Sodom and Gamorah’s destruction to the Number of daughters Lot has seems to be up for debate. I am getting close though and have already started on some sketches. I’ll post those and maybe some of my research in the upcoming weeks.

In website news it looks like it’s going to take longer then I hoped to get it up. The design is pretty much finalized but I have to wait for the programmer to have some free time since he’s doing it as a favor it could take over a month.

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