QWA 8: Change God’s Mind

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Questions Worth Asking” post in the blog. I’ve lost track of where I left off so instead of trying to catch up I think I’ll just jump back in at the last animation.

In Gen 17-18 Abraham successfully negotiates with God. Which brings up the question: Can we change God’s plans? First of all the thought of this blows my mind. How can we make suggestions to adjust God’s plans! Not that that ever stops us (myself included). Now in this example it could be argued that God’s mind wasn’t changed because he already knew that there weren’t 10 righteous people to be found in Sodom so he was just humoring Abraham. But there are still a number of times in the Bible where God’s plans are changed or adjusted based on the prayer of pretty insignificant people.

There are a lot of opinions on this and no way to come up with a concrete answer. Some believe that God’s plans never really change, it’s only our view of his plans that change. Another thought (and the one that I’m partial too) is that we CAN change God’s mind. God’s infinite knowledge of all the possible outcomes makes it possible for him to adjust his plans at any point and still, in the end, accomplish his ultimate goal. Think of a chess game against a Grand Champion he allows you freedom to make any move you want because with every move he sees an infinite number of moves in the future and adjusts accordingly to his desired goal. I love this view because I feel like it doesn’t limit God and it supports “Free Will” which may be one of the most important aspects of Christianity.

Again, this is just where I’m currently at on this topic through my studies and it is in no way a definitive answer, but more of a step towards an answer. I’m also aware that these answers both just unlock a multitude of more questions I don’t have answers to but the journey has to start somewhere.

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