Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

The beginning of the new year is a time of reflection and preparation for me. I like to look back over the past year and figure out what I’m going to do the next year. Last year My main goals were to put on an art auction to benefit africa and to update the website and post one new animation.

I’ve continued to think about what the future of this website is and I think I am going to continue with one animation a year instead of the previous 3-4 so that I can focus on other projects. That said, I hope to continue updating the blog regularly as a source of inspiration to myself and hopefully others. I think in the next month I may go deeper into what i see for the blog. As of right now I plan to finish one more animation this year and will probably stop animating Genesis once I get to the halfway point which is Chapter 25.

This is mostly because of time and motivation. I don’t have time to dedicate to other projects that I have put on the back burner. I may talk more about those in the future but the biggest thing I want to plan for this year is My KID! This May my wife and I will have a kid and we are sooooooooooo excited. Lots of changes to come. Anyway Here’s a video I came across today that I thought was really well done and is a little late to post but I think still is somewhat appropriate.

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