Citizen 4: Cain

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Citizen 4 Cain:

Cain is a senior at the same college as his younger brother Able. He tries to limit their interactions though. Cain is a loner. He doesn’t have many friends and has a difficult time with most of his classes. Cain never has a shortage of reasons why things don’t go his way he’ll say it’s his brothers’ fault, his teacher’s hate him or because of the birthmark on his forehead, but in reality it’s because he is selfish. He expects everything to go his way and is always trying to work things out to his advantage. In his free time he has a microbrewery where he makes wheat beer but he only shares the bad batches with other people. On bad days he’ll lock himself in his room and drink his good beer while listening to 90’s Grunge music. Generally during these instances he blacks out. Everything is a bit of a haze the next day but from the state of himself and the room he’s pretty sure he gets violent and angry when he’s drunk.

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