Christmas a Little Early

I haven’t done inspiration Monday in a long time so I figured it would be fine if I shared some inspiration with you on a friday.

I always have music on in the background as I work. and I’m always looking for new music. My library is about 25% christian bands mostly just because I struggle to find bands that I really enjoy. So when I find one that is not only good but becoming one of my favorite bands I though I should share and help spread word about them. The band is called “Sleeping at Last”. It’s pretty much one guy named Ryan O’neil. I was hooked when I listened to his album “Keep No Score”. I’ve also got a ton of respect for the Yearbook Project he just finished. It was a year long experiement to write three songs a month and put them on iTunes and now the whole 36 song album is online. I haven’t got it yet but it’s at the top of my list. He also just put out a FREE christmas album that is amazing! here is the link to check it out: and if you like it as much as I did leave him a little donation.

Merry Christmas!

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