Artists For the Nations

This month my wife and I put together a small charity event to raise money for a medical clinic in zambia. We got a bunch of our artists friends together and asked them to donate a work of art to be auctioned for charity. In the end we all raised close to $2000. This was a year long project for us but it was fun to see the artist community gather together and share for a cause.

This idea isn’t new, but I feel like i’ve seen more of it lately. Artists genuinely care for others and have a unique way to spread awareness. I’m glad I was able to be a part of this event and hope to continue with more in the future. I think there is something about appealing to everyone’s humanity that brings people together regardless of their beliefs.

With the New Year coming up soon I’ve started thinking of projects I’d like to work on. I have some thoughts that I will probably post about soon.

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