Why are you doing this?

I know I’m not making top of the line stuff, but I try to make each animation to the best of my ability and make quality content that is free to watch and hopefully something you’d share with others. This website came out of my frustration from feeling like there wasn’t a good representation of Christianity online (or in the media in general). Everything Christian felt cheesy or sterile and everything anti-Christian felt like it was derived from the poor representation in the media or from extremists and had a skewed take on the faith I call my own. My hope was to create content that was more of a middle ground and share my point of view on faith. I started the blog to share other artists examples that do a good job (in my opinion) of portraying their faith as a source of inspiration for myself and others.

How long does it take to create an animation?

Each animation from start to finish usually takes me about 3-4 months. I do everything from writing the script, to animating the final video on my own with the exception of some of the voices. I am blessed to have many friends who offer to do voices for the characters for free. Everything on the site is done in my spare time and with no funding and that’s how I want it to stay. This site is a labor of love and having complete control allows me to maintain my original vision for the site and keep it’s integrity, but it also means that updates can sometimes be few and far between.

Are you going to animate the whole Bible?

No. My original plan was to finish the book of Genesis (50 chapters) Now that I am almost 5 years into this project though, and not even halfway through the Genesis I may consider stopping at Chapter 25. It will mostly depend on weather I feel like viewers want to see the rest animated.

Do you plan to ever sell the videos?

Nope. Never. They will always be free to view and even download off of Vimeo for use. A lot of ministries can be accomplished in your spare time and be self-funded and if they can be they should be. Churches have better things to spend their money on than videos.

What’s with the Platypus?

That actually came from a disclaimer by Kevin Smith that is shown before Dogma that says “…even God has a sense of humor. Just look at the Platypus.” I try to keep the mood of the animations light for the most part even when dealing with some very serious topics. I put the platypus in to remind people that God does have a sense of humor and I think he sees the humor in the bible too.

If you have any questions not answered here please send me an email at btodd.ssdo@gmail.com and I will personally answer to the best of my ability.