Sunday School Drop-Out is dedicated to animating the stories of Genesis from a fresh perspective. Sunday School stories are often over simplified. While this is effective for children, the stories loose relevance and meaning as years go by. Soon the stories are perceived in the same light as any mother goose or bedtime story. As I’ve revisited these stories I’ve realized many of them are far from child friendly and often have many layers to them. Filled with violence, deceit, betrayal, inspiration, discovery, humor, they are relevant regardless of your age, background or beliefs.

It’s my hope to bring back some of the humanity to these stories and to challenge perceptions through the animations.

I set a few rules for myself to follow with each animation.
1. Animate ever single chapter in Genesis.
2. Each animation can only contain 2 chapters at most.
3. Include a platypus
4. Maintain integrity of the message
5. Stay accountable to someone with more knowlege of the Bible then myself

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Send me an email and ask me questions or let me know what you thought of the site at btodd.ssdo@gmail.com