I’ve been working on the script for Gen. 19 off and on these past few weeks. Sodom and Gomorrah is one of those stories most people know about. It’s the type of story that made me want to do the site in the first place. The type that everyone thinks they know about, but the more research you do on it the tougher it is to really figure out.

I like to try and understand the characters and motives and background before writing a script. I think it helps to give them a little more humanity. This story has SOOOOOOO many variables though that I don’t know how to make them all work together fluidly. I love this challenge and it is why I started the process to begin with.

I’m rediscovering this story and finding MUCH more meaning in it then I expected and realizing some of what I originally thought may have been wrong. I mean everything from the Reason for Sodom and Gamorah’s destruction to the Number of daughters Lot has seems to be up for debate. I am getting close though and have already started on some sketches. I’ll post those and maybe some of my research in the upcoming weeks.

In website news it looks like it’s going to take longer then I hoped to get it up. The design is pretty much finalized but I have to wait for the programmer to have some free time since he’s doing it as a favor it could take over a month.

Supernatural Creator 2

Here is a fun creation animation I came across by Mareike. I’m a sucker for 8 bit graphics and sounds. I can’t help but smile especially when it’s done well. That is definitely the case with this one.

Hello Blog

Hello Blog. It’s me Brandon.

It’s been a while and I just wanted to apologize for ignoring you these past few months. I have no excuses other then laziness. Can we just pick up where we left off? I’ll promise to try and be better. I hope to visit once a week. What do you say? Can we be friends again?

What!? You’ll HAVE ME BACK!? That’s fantastic!

Since it’s been so long I guess I should give you some quick updates. Well, I finished Gen 16 shortly after my last post. Then 3 1/2 months later I finished Gen 17-18. I’ve got a lot planned for the website and will be simultaneously working on Gen 19 and working on an update for the site over the next 3 months. Unfortunately one of my big plans for the site this year fell through and probably won’t work out in the future, but we will just press on. That’s about it I guess.

I’ll talk to you soon.
Hugs and Kisses,


Gen 16 should be posted before the end of the month. This one brought up a question I wasn’t sure how to handle at first. There is a verse in this chapter (in some translations) that refers to Ishmael as a “Wild Ass among men”. I really struggled with leaving this out of the final script. It’s just such a funny phrase when it is put in today’s context. That’s probably why ½ the translations put it another way.

I really don’t want to censor these stories at all. And even though it is only in a couple of the translations I felt like by leaving out “ass” I was catering to people who would blow it out of proportion. I don’t think there would have been anything wrong with putting it in. I find it really interesting how we place importance on certain words in our vocabulary. The summer I spent in Africa I was taken back when I heard preachers swearing in front of a congregation. It was only afterwards that I found out that to them the word they were using was just a common word and had no derogatory meaning. It made me really rethink how I viewed what I considered to be swear words.

The only reason in the end I left it out was because (1) it really doesn’t play an important part in the story, (2) It wouldn’t have been that funny of a joke and (3) I get the feeling people would have spent more time focusing on that word then the overall story.

Should “ass” come up again in a verse I’ll probably put it and see what happens.

Magic Sal

About a year ago my brother and i worked on a little animation together. Recently I put the final touches on it and it is ready to post. I hope you all like it.

Gen 16 In the works


I’ve been working on Gen 16 a lot lately and I’m hoping to have it finished this month, but I probably shouldn’t make promises. It’s been a crazy couple months and most of my time until now has been spent trying to find a new job but I’m happy to say the hunt is over so I can refocus on the website. Here is s sketch from the upcoming animation. I’ve got a good feeling about this episode. :)

10th EPISODE!!!

Well I was shocked when I went to the blog today and realized that I didn’t write anything for the past two months since I posted the last animation. I have no excuse for that. Hopefully you didn’t think I had given up on the website. (Maybe just the blogging part) Today I am happy to reassure you that I have been continuing work on this project and today just before the new year you can enjoy the 10th episode. Gen 14-15 is now online for all to watch. With the 10th episode online, you now have over 45 Minutes of animation at your fingertips! I hope everyone is still enjoying these.

Next year is just around the corner and I have some plans for SSD-O that I can’t talk about yet, but I am very excited for. I will keep you updated with that as it progresses. Until then I’ll do my best to continue updating the blog but my track record hasn’t been that great so I’d better not make any promises. :) Check out the new animation HERE

Gen 13!

I’ve finished ahead of schedule and wanted to post this as soon as I could. Gen. 13 is now online!

Quick Thoughts

I wish I was a good speaker sometimes. The kind that could get up with little to no preparation and be able to pull wisdom out of the air and spew inspiration into a crowd. The fact that I couldn’t do that to save my life may explain why I like animation. There’s a methodical process about it that forces you to dwell on every fraction of every second. It gives me time to really understand what I am doing. I usually have a vague idea when I start an animation of what I want to accomplish with it but it’s never very clear. That’s ok though because through the process of animating I have hours and hours to figure out what I want to say. It can get to the point where I spend so much time on an animation that what took me weeks to develop only is displayed for a few seconds on the screen. I like to think of it as concentrated information, but I realize often the meaning those seconds had on me are lost on a viewer. I’m ok with that. I animate as much for personal growth as I do to reach others. My hope is that maybe after those brief seconds a feeling lingers on, something you can’t put your finger on but that affects you. If you think about it later or want to re watch it then I’d consider the animation a success. If on second viewing you find something new that lingers then the months of work were worth every minute.

IM: Kings

Inspiration Monday:
This month my inspiration to push on with the website came through the NBC Television show “Kings” Its a series loosely based on the story of David set in modern times. I love the writing in this series as well as all the actors. Its rare for me to watch a show where I don’t roll my eyes at a situation or character everytime they speak. But this show brakes the mold. Every character is sincere and they really feel real. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this was the first and last season, since it didn’t do well in ratings. I’m partly to blame since I was never home when it was on tv but I did watch it online everyweek and I’d encourage you all to as well while it’s still online. Trust me it’s worth it. You can watch it HERE and HERE

I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.